Amazing Benefits from Drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

As the name suggests, the name raspberry leaf refers to the leaf of the red raspberry plant. High in potassium, magnesium, iron and b- vitamins, these leaves are highly nutritious, especially when used in making tea. Red raspberry leaf tea which is made by infusing dried or fresh leaves of the plant in hot water is known to protect both men and women against a variety of disease and health conditions. Take a look at some of the amazing heath benefits of red raspberry leaf tea listed below in this guide.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Health Benefits

Red raspberry leaf tea is a great herbal brew that can help provide relief to different ailments in a simple, effective and natural way. (Photo Credits)

Red raspberry leaf tea is a great herbal brew that can help provide relief to different ailments in a simple, effective and natural way. (Photo Credits)

Pregnancy Benefits of red raspberry leaf tea: Drinking tea made from red raspberry leaves is one of the safest and most beneficial herbal remedies for pregnant women. Containing an alkaloid known as fragrine, this herbal tea when consumed during pregnancy helps strengthen the pelvic area as well the uterus of pregnant women, helping shorten labor and make labor easier. Additionally, drinking this herbal tea regularly will not only help a pregnant woman prevent morning sickness and promote lactation, but also ensure healthy development in the fetus as well. Check out organic raspberry leaf tea for fertility.

Cancer Prevention

Red Raspberry leaf tea for Cancer protection: The leaves of red raspberry contain a significant amount of potent anti – cancer compound known as ellagic acid. This powerful compound is known to destroy cancerous cells, neutralize carcinogens and help boost the immune system. Drinking this caffeine free herbal infusion can help provide protection in certain kinds of cancers namely, lung skin, breast, colon and tongue cancer.

Antioxidant Properties

Strong Anti- Oxidant Properties: The strong anti – antioxidant properties present in this herbal brew help soothe the mucus lining if the bodily tissues. In addition, consuming this herbal infusion regularly helps protect the system from the invasion of bacteria and fungi, reducing irritable bowel syndrome and outbreaks of vaginal infection.

Gastrointestinal Aid

Red Raspberry leaf tea to treat Diarrhea: The tannins in red raspberry leaf helps give the leaf its astringent qualities beneficial for healing diarrhea and dysentery. Additionally, drinking a strong red raspberry tea will not only help soothe rashes, eczema and sunburn, but will also help alleviate symptoms of gum disease or gingivitis when swished in the mouth.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Due to the presence of anthocyanins (a chemical that gives the leaves its red color), drinking this herbal infusion can be highly beneficial in reducing inflammation and easing pain associated with arthritis and gout. Drinking red raspberry leaf tea three times a day regularly will help reduce your anti- inflammatory medication intake required for relieving pain in these conditions. Find out where to buy organic red raspberry leaf tea.

Easy to prepare, red raspberry leaf tea is a great herbal brew that can help provide relief to different ailments in a simple, effective and natural way. Including the tea in your daily routine can help provide you with great health benefits and help you stay fit and healthy naturally.

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Wonderful Health Benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea  

Red Raspberry Leaf  Tea – Is It Allowed to Drink During Pregnancy

Red raspberry leaf teaIn some cases, herbal teas and drugs may serve as alternative medicines. And some of them are recommended for use during pregnancy. However, one should know which herbs are indicated for pregnancy and which ones have the contraindications.

For example, two cups of chamomile tea every day are safe. Chamomile can be used during pregnancy because it helps stop bloating, belching and flatulence. Other plants contain components that can pass through the placenta to the baby and even cause premature birth.

It is a common belief that any form of raspberries should be avoided during pregnancy. This is because of salicylic acid, which sometimes is called a natural aspirin. It’s well known that the latter may negatively affect fetal development.

In addition, infusion or decoction of the raspberry leaves, as well as raspberry tea in large quantities can enhance uterine labor, which is fraught with miscarriage or premature birth. Therefore, during the first trimester, pregnant women in early pregnancy and/or with uterine tonus should avoid red raspberry leaf tea.

At the same time it is believed that drinking read raspberry leaf tea during the last months of pregnancy helps strengthen the uterus muscles and have a shorter labor. So many midwives recommend taking a daily dose of red raspberry leaf tea to induce labor during pregnancy.

Red Raspberry Leaf Benefits During Pregnancy

Thus, taking raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy has some special aspects.

  • The content of magnesium, potassium, iron, and B vitamins helps reduce toxicosis, pain in the legs and insomnia.
  • It’s better to eat fresh berries rather than drink raspberry leaf teas or infusions, as the content of salicylic acid in the leaves is much higher than in the berries. However, a decoction or infusion of raspberry leaves during pregnancy can be used for mouth and throat rinsing in case of stomatitis and sore throat.
  • Red raspberry contains alkaloid called fragrine, which can help tone the uterus and make cervix to fully dilate. Due to the content of herbal progesterone (a plant hormone) women spend less time pushing during labor. However, the level of this hormone is very low, so many midwives suggest that their patients take it throughout their pregnancies.

In most cases, especially if the woman has a history of miscarriage, it’s recommended to take decoction of raspberry only during the last 8 weeks of pregnancy, so as not to provoke a premature birth, and only after consultation with a doctor.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and Fertility

Much is known about red raspberry leaf tea benefits to pregnancy, but very few people know that this drink can be a good ‘helper’ during family planning – both for women and men. Daily consumption of at least a cup of this fragrant drink helps with PMS and normalizes the menstrual cycle, treats cramping, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.

For infertility treatment red raspberry leaf tea should be drunk in an amount of up to 5 cups a day. In this case, the therapeutic effect is better.

Raspberry leaf can be taken in any of the following forms: tea, capsules and as a seed oil. But today we will talk only about health benefits of red raspberry leaf tea recipe.

Making raspberry leaf tea from scratch is simple and easy. To get the full benefit of the plant, you should brew from loose dried leaves, however you may also use tea bags from a respectful brand. Check this for where to buy organic raspberry leaf tea for fertility.

Pour 8 ounces of boiling water onto 2 tablespoons of dried raspberry leaves. Let steep for 15-20minutes hours, then strain and enjoy the amazing and magical taste. You can add a spoonful of honey, but the tea is so sweet itself that you can do without it.